A long time ago, back when games were just discovering their third dimension, a group of Hollywood professionals had a radical notion: What if all the creative resources of Hollywood – the talent, the facilities, the expertise and the know-how… What if all that could be used in the service of videogames? And why shouldn't game producers be able to tap that when they need it, how they need it, and in ways that make sense for them?

Thus Blindlight was formed, the first and only company of its kind.

It was a gamble back then, but game producers were finding they wanted more and more things from Hollywood. To pull that off, they needed experts inside the industry, people who had access to talent and knew how to utilize it.

A critical mass of knowledge began to accumulate in Blindlight for bridging that murky gap between games and Hollywood. That created a unique company with a unique specialization: the most reliable and cost-effective way for game producers to get what they need from the world of Hollywood.

And that's what Blindlight has been offering game producers ever since.