A sampling of


  • I don’t know how Sony dug them up, but the voices in this game are as perfect
    as they come.
    -Gaming Target
  • The voice talents are leaps and bounds ahead of just about any other game. -Gamers Logik
  • It is done so well that it actually improves upon the majority of the gameplay. -Gaming Media
  • I don’t think there was a single line that wasn’t delivered perfectly. It really
    was that good.
  • This, ladies and gentlemen, is how voice acting in games should be handled. -Gone Gold
  • High production values make the game as fun to listen to as it is to play. -UGO
  • You don’t realize how bad voice acting really is in most games until you hear it
    done this well.
    -Game Chronicles Magazine
  • The dialogue is never hackneyed or dry because it is written expertly and
    delivered as such.
  • A well-crafted story and funny verbal jabs between a host of characters. -The Hollywood Reporter
  • The nice thing here is that the cut scenes are really well done. The storytelling is the real star of the show. -GameSpot